Using the Gym at Wolfson College

The Gym at Wolfson College is open from 6am to 12 midnight every day to the following Members of Wolfson College:

  • Current Students
  • Current Fellows
  • Current CRAs
  • Current Visiting Fellows and Visiting CRAs

Permanent Staff are also able to use the Gym. In addition to the College Members listed above, any paying Guests who are resident in a College room can also use the Gym: Guests should go to the Porters’ Lodge to sign out a Guest card. This does not include those visiting a resident Member or Guest and staying overnight in their room.

If you are in the list above, your University or Wolfson College card needs to be enabled before you can use the Gym. Once enabled, your card will remain valid until 15 September if you remain an eligible user. If you are still eligible after this date, you will need to re-enable your card on this site from 16 September.

All users of the Gym must be aged 18 or older.

Unless you fit the eligibility criteria listed above, you will not be able to use the Gym. We only have a small Gym here at Wolfson, with over 450 residents on site and over 450 students living off-site, and we have to prioritise usage for these groups.

To have your card enabled, please click on the "Raven authentication" button below. You will have to authenticate yourself using your Raven password and then accept the terms and conditions on the following page before access is granted.

Raven authentication